About us

M-one, BV is STAYHOLD 3 PL in EUROPE and responsible for distribution and sale of STAYHOLD™ in many countries in Europe and the Middle East. STAYHOLD™ has grown over the last few years and together we have worked hard to develop a full logistic solution for Europe.

Our network allows us to deliver to any main European city within 72 hours.

Since the introduction of the STAYHOLD™ products 4 years ago the company has grown and their products are now available in over 30 countries worldwide and available in some of the biggest retailers in the world. The success of STAYHOLD™ has been made possible by its many distributors worldwide. With our new state-of-the-art distribution centre in the Netherlands, we will now be able to consolidate all STAYHOLD™ products for immediate delivery throughout Europe.

We are now in the position to invite new distributors to become a part of the story and help develop STAYHOLD™ in many more countries.

Our goal is to work with a distributor in each country and develop the STAYHOLD™ Brand.